The translator as activist

Страна: Канада


Город: Montreal

Дедлайн: 15.01.2018


Даты: 26.04.18 — 27.04.18

Область наук: Филологические;


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Организаторы: McGill University


Previous work on ideology and translation and the sociopolitical orientation of translations underscores the fact that throughout history translators have played an active role in social and political change. They have brought new ideas to the attention of reader publics and have been true agents of change through their work as intercultural mediators and activists. The discursive relationship between translation and engagement has become all the more clear in a world marked by ideological conflict.
By studying specific cases illustrating the ideological nature of translation, it will become clear that, translators have promoted a wide variety of conceptual agendas throughout history. These may range from Saint Jerome’s commitment to women’s education to the political fiction of the 1930s warning of the impending rise of fascism in Europe and its eventual spread to other regions of the world in an increasing variety of language-cultures.
Translations are, in fact, the artefacts of sociopolitical change, and it may be argued that their supposed neutrality is pure fiction.
Translations are not only the result of the confrontation of two language systems; they are also the result of the alignment or misalignment of the knowledge, beliefs and value systems contained in both source and target texts. The understanding of the ways in which these systems are contextualized, decontextualized and recontextualized is key to decoding the sociopolitical nature of translation ideology.
It has become increasingly important for translation theorists and practitioners to understand the textual dynamics of politically oriented translations and their textual genetics in today’s globalized societies.

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